Come Fare Per Raggiungere I Tuoi Obiettivi Velocemente

Livello di Lettura: CEFR C2

Tutti hanno un traguardo che desiderano raggiungere. Cosa ci spinge a tirarci indietro? Certamente la vita può rendere difficile questo percorso, ma ancora più spesso il nemico principale di dubbi e incertezze risiede nella nostra mente. È arrivato il momento di sconfiggerlo e cominciare il nostro percorso verso il successo personale, scopri come fare!

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Word list

Nasty • very bad or unpleasant.
-E.g. • Plastic bags burn with a nasty, acrid smell.

Litany • a series of petitions for use in church services or processions, usually recited by the clergy and
responded to in a recurring formula by the people.
– E.g. A litany of complaints.

Paralysis • the loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically.
as a result of illness, poison, or injury
-E.g. A creeping paralysis accompanied by nausea and

Avert • turn away (one’s eyes or thoughts)
-E.g. She averted her eyes while we made stilted

Banish • send (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment.
-E.g. A number of people were banished to Siberia for
political crimes.

Fine • clarify (beer or wine) by causing the precipitation of sediment during production.
-E.g. She’d certainly fined down—her face was thinner.

Burner • a strong desire to know or learn something.
-E.g. Uphill walking is a great calorie-burner.

Lull • a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.
-E.g. For two days there had been a lull in the fighting.

Sidetrack • cause (someone) to be distracted from an immediate or important issue.
-E.g. He does not let himself get sidetracked by fads and