[QUICK ARTICLE] La Differenza Tra Stressed e Stressful

Stressed –> è un aggettivo che si utilizza riferito a PERSONE

  • I am so stressed because I have two exams next week and I am not able to focus on my studying! It’s a disaster.

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  • They were stressed about missing their layover because the first flight was delayed but in the end they just made it.

Stressful–> è un aggettivo che si utilizza riferito a SITUAZIONI

  • Honestly, it was a really stressful holiday. We had problems with the hotel, the weather was terrible, and we barely had time to relax. I think I’ll need a weekend away soon.
  • Tomorrow I work from 9 to 6, then I have to go right to the dentist and then I have to go buy a birthday present for my mom and meet her for dinner by 8.. I think it’s going to be quite a stressful afternoon!

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