Stuff vs Thing

Oggi vedremo due parole che vengono usate come sostantivi indicando una cosa generale. Usiamo entrambi i termini per parlare di oggetti, idee, azioni, ed anche eventi. L’unica (grande) differenza tra le due è che ‘thing’ è countable mentre “stuff” è uncountable.

“I won’t be home for dinner, I have a thing tonight but I shouldn’t be too late.”
“Can you pass me that thing there?”
“I have too many things to pack, I don’t know how I’ll fit it all.”
“These things take time, we can’t expect it to change overnight.”

“Stuff” è anche un po’ più informale…

“I have so much stuff to do tonight, I’m never going to sleep.”
“There’s so much stuff going on, I can’t keep track of it all.”
“There’s all this stuff that I need to organize before they get here!”
“For the party we can just do some finger food like chips, cheeses and more stuff like that.”

?REMEMBER : “I have so much MANY things. OR I have so many much stuff.”